Made to Impress: Textured Cards & Envelopes

Sometimes a story of craftsmanship can only be captured through the sense of touch, whether you associate it with the fond memory of opening a present, or receiving a once in a lifetime envelope.

Here at Downey, we understand this importance, and will help you breathe life into moments like these yourselves. Through creating textured invitation cards and envelopes, we can leave an impression on the receiver that’s sure to last.

Large gold foil and embossed texture on pink card

Textured cards are commonplace in events such as weddings and product launch parties, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Through applying subtle textures in intricate patterns (often flowers in the case of weddings or elements of the logo for a corporate design), you’re able to replicate and compliment the theme of your event. Whether through adding texture to your card with a subtle yet intricate design to mimic the delicate décor of your wedding, or going big and bold with a firm embossing or debossing for your launch party to show the industry you’re not messing around.

Large silver foil and deboss texture on grey card

Of course, sometimes it isn’t the card itself that matters, but rather the package it comes in. In creating bespoke textured envelopes you’re able to leave a lasting impression on the recipient without them even seeing the contents – making it so true that first impressions really do count. Absolutely perfect for businesses looking for new clientele, or for launching a new campaign that you want to lock into people’s minds. Even the smallest changes in texture to the classic envelope will leave people talking (we receive so many envelopes nowadays, so it’s always nice to receive one with a touch of difference!)

Large metallic texture silver envelope

Having worked with such a wide range of clients, it’s interesting to note the different approaches taken. It’s not always about complimenting the product, sometimes textures of cards and envelopes are of stark contrast in order to highlight the beauty of the product or event on display (this is commonly done within the jewelry industry). Texture can also be used in cards looking to mimic real life components (like our “Long Live Print” piece which uses texture to mimic that of a circuit board).

All in all, through understated attention to detail and changes to little things such as the texture of the card and envelope you can often have a big impact to any large (or small) scale event. Why not browse our previous projects and see what catches your eye?