5 Unique & Creative Brand Invitations

We’ve created a large manner of invitations in all shapes and sizes over the years, but there’s always inspiring and inventive designs waiting to be discovered. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite creative, unique (and quite frankly cool) brand invitations for you to view below. These designs incorporate all the essentials of an excellent invitation, taking advantage of texture, design and interactivity to the full, making them excellent invitations.

Large pure events invitation

This invitation is the definition of simplicity and elegance. But do not let that fool you – the stark white on black, silver tie on the right and contoured texture deliver a bold finish to this product. An invitation is always the first extension of the brand to its guests, and Pure delivers a taste of sophistication here.

The punchy and boldness of the letters give a strong and independent feel to the invitation. The spacing of the letters, their emphatic positioning, promote the Pure brand to any passer-by.

Large belle mare mauritius invitation

This invitation delivers a delightful surprise, moving away from the minimalistic designs of previous, and producing a vibrant and emphatic feeling of colour. The logo is a holographic foil so the reflection from blue to red noticed here is the metallic catching the light shining on the foil.

In the background, the peaceful green against the foreground of colour provides a stark contrast that makes the Lux brand stand proud and prominent. Beams of light shine through the trees, delivering a sumptuous finish to the invitation, completing the idyllic display for the guest.

Large golden origami invitation

If this hand-folded invitation doesn’t grab your attention, we’re not sure anything will. The uniqueness of this piece will strike you, coupling the strong gold and lighter golds together with a spiral design that looks to emanate the beautiful designs of origami.

The invitation’s spiral draws the eye to the centre of the piece, where they are treated to a lighter and more modest expression of colour. The spiral’s sharp and protruding edges also give the invitation a daring and audacious feel - that those who were lucky enough to receive it are worthy of its exquisite design.

Large paul smith invitation

Similar to above, Paul Smith delivers a uniquely designed invitation to the Paris Fashion Show that is sure to not only draw the attention of those who witness it, but also remain a cherished item for long time afterwards. The pink, yellow and black colours should naturally oppose each other, but here are beautifully balanced, completing a unique feel of chaotic brilliance.

The invitation itself, designed in the style of a folding fan, has a practical sense to it as during fashion shows lights tend to significantly warm up the catwalk setting and this unique invitation comes handy under those circumstances.

While delicate, the fan has a robust and dominant sense to it. Beautiful but powerful.

Large mont blanc invitation

Think of the Mont Blanc brand – what words come to mind? Sophistication, style, elegance, precision. This invitation is a stunning extension of all these qualities that have made the Mont Blanc brand so distinctive and refined over the years.

‘Casino chic’ is the dress of the night, and the brand initiates this in the design. Quite unique, and certainly beautifully memorable, those who receive this poker chip styled invitation will treasure it, and will surely keep it sitting proud on the mantelpiece. The acrylic black, occupied by flecks and portions of white, give a simple sophistication to this design.

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