Crafting a corporate brand identity through design

We all know the importance of a brand to the stakeholders. The products and concept behind them are often held under careful guard, and when it comes to reinforcing the brand identity through design every minute detail comes under careful scrutiny.

Large al shaqab invitation

There are often a plethora of questions that come up when deciding on styling your corporate identity through print design. Colour palettes, shapes and logo placement are often the most considered but attention to detail, material and print process all play a vital role in in public or corporate perception too. They distinguish the brand itself as luxury and project the care put in products’ production in the finished print work.

Every industry, brand, campaign and event require careful consideration when it comes to print, and there’s really no hard and fast rule to adhere to, which makes our job a real challenge when we work on concepts creation. The latter also need to take into account the history and tradition associated with the specific brand and the peculiar narrative each wants to project. Obviously, each brand also benefits from being consistent in the image they offer thus a good knowledge of brands’ tradition helps avoiding common mistakes.

Our Patek Philippe invitation set is a good example of print work that’s all about details that make the difference. With a gold laser cut sleeve and fine detail embossed card, these invitations lure you to look into the inspirational brand history and tradition. Our Omega moon invitations also tell you a story of beauty appreciation and care for details that passes through a richly textured paper to mirror the surface of the moon.

When it comes to business cards, details like sophisticated edges, interesting textures and unique cuts all make sure you and your brand will be remembered; the concept here is challenging the recipient’s mind.

Whether you’re looking to reinforce a brand & corporate identity design, or to completely reinvent it, there are a number of elements to consider. Your journey to crafting a strong brand identity through design starts here.