Long Live Print

The latest Downey mailer has been a lot of fun to produce. The initial inspiration came when our marketing director Leo Turner saw a copy of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ in a local bookshop.  The fantastic cover design for the edition showed a persons profile made up of circuits on a dark green background.

We had a play around with this mechanic theme and thought about ways of relating this idea to ourselves. In the modern world we live in, it could be argued that print is now subsidiary in comparison to the digital medium. Why send a printed invitation when you can send an e-invitation? For us and for many others this is of course nonsense – the physicality and beauty of print will always be essential and now, with some of the most luxurious stocks and printing methods ever available, the desire for something crafted is at its highest demand.

Large downey high  33 credit tom griffiths tomgphoto.co.uk Large asimof

We decided to create a sturdy circuit board by duplexing several sheets of thick Colorplan Lockwood Green. We then engraved the circuits in a light green and made a font to read ‘Print is Not Dead’ and on the front ‘Long Live Print’. As final finishing touches we also applied a copper foiled edge to complete the effect and also made a bespoke matching Lockwood Green envelope, with the Downey logo engraved on the flap.

We were really happy with the results and loved the irony of making a tool for the digital age from card and printing techniques. We’re excited to be sending these out this week and we hope that you enjoy and are inspired by them too!

If you’re not on our mailing list and would like to receive a copy of this print, then please do get in contact and we’ll send you one out (while stocks last)

Large downey high  32 credit tom griffiths tomgphoto.co.uk