Royal Warrants

A Royal Warrant is a British institution; a recognition of quality awarded to companies who supply goods or services to the Households of Her Majesty the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales. There are a number of ways to reproduce a Royal Warrant in stationery, but the most striking is the engraving process.


There is an incredible amount of detail in a Royal Warrant. If you were to zoom in on the design, you would see the intricacies of the lions and the unicorn, the wisps of their hair and the shape of their hooves and feet. You would see the strings of the harp, the leaves of the roses and perhaps most importantly, the vibrancy of the colours.




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When a Royal Warrant is engraved, every colour is designated its own copper plate and printed separately, using a very close registration. Once printed, every intricate detail is brought to life by a crisp emboss, creating a beautiful and luxurious quality.

There is a fantastic sense of heritage which is conveyed with an engraved Royal Warrant which can unfortunately be lost with standard flat print or foil blocking alone. Engraving is a celebration of our traditional master craft and we take great pride in producing Royal Warrants to the high standard the award surely deserves.


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