A Christmas Polar Bear

Last year we went up a level in terms of creativity for our Christmas prints. We took the same approach this year and worked hard to ensure that we came up with something completely original.

Some of the most striking features about last years Christmas cards were the multi-level die-cutting/duplexing and also the thickness. It was important this year to avoid any similarities, so instead we opted for a much thinner print (3150gsm thinner infact!) with a focus on laser cutting rather die-cutting/duplexing with the intention of showing that you don’t have to be restricted to thickness in order to create something special.

The design was really important in successfully getting this point across. We opted for a snowflake boarder as we felt the snowflake, as well as being obviously ‘Christmasy’, was also a great representation of something strong yet delicate – a key feature that we set about achieving with the frame. The laser cutting made for a lovely finish, complimented beautifully by the crisp silver engraving on the Colorplan White Frost card which we then hand mounted within the frame.

We also wanted a different focus for our Christmas stationery gifts, so we decided to create a note card which highlighted the great effect of blind embossing – multi-level blind embossing in fact. This decision went hand in hand with our idea of creating a polar bear design that we realised would look brilliant when blind embossed onto the White Frost. In addition we engraved in black ink the little eyes, ears and noses to create the effect of a polar bear appearing out of a blizzard.

We also added an extra bit of flare to the envelopes by applying a bespoke printed lining. We created this using a polar bear paw pattern which we then printed in clear gloss foil which extra deboss, making for a lovely effect and bringing the whole set together.

For us these projects are like a declaration of intent, so it’s important that we try our best to come up with something new and inspiring each time. We’ve had fun working across all our mailers this year and we’re pleased that we can end 2014 on a high with these great prints. We’re going to be sending them out this week so once again keep an eye on the mail box, a festive treat could be coming your way very soon!