The First Impression

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There are not a lot of characteristics that we like about Bret Easton Ellis’s character Patrick Bateman, but his love of beautiful business cards is definitely something we can relate to, and we’re not the only ones. It’s understandable why striking and impacting luxury business cards are currently in such high demand, after all in this increasingly digitized age the tangible and physical qualities of a printed card can go a long way. This sort of work now counts for a large portion of our business and over the years we’ve developed an approach and gathered important skills to help provide our clients with the exceptional business cards they’re looking for.

The process for us usually starts with a design. We could be given a design to work with which is in keeping with the branding of the individual/company; for example through fonts and colors etc, or we could be given a blank canvas and be told to develop artwork based on the ethos and style of a company. Whatever the means, the desired result is to have a design which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly suited for the printing processes desired.

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A carefully chosen process can elevate a design to another level. You could have a simple, elegant design that perfectly reflects a company, but without the right printing process this would be wasted. The range is huge, from foiling, engraving, thermography, lithography, screen printing to something as elaborate as die cutting and duplexing to create special shapes. Then at the foundation of all this is also the stock choice and the huge pallet of varying card types, textures and colours that are available.

Following this, and if the style suits it, then there’s also room for adding the final finishing touches, such as applying an emboss if you have foil and adding metallic gold/silver edges, or even a colour that exactly matches a pantone in a design – we’ve actually worked on business cards with four different coloured edges!  It’s this extra attention to detail that can transform something great into something brilliant.

Every individual or business is different and therefore every business card is different, so what might appeal and work with one project might have the opposite effect on the other. The key is bringing together the myriad possibilities available from designs, stocks and printing processes, to create something that 1) has the overall impact of quality and 2) is perfectly suited for the company or individual.

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It’s important to us that the client, more than anything, is happy with their finished product. Also, should they ever find themselves in a Western style business card slinging match like Mr Bateman here, we’ll be happy in knowing that they can put down the best cards on the table!

If you would like to discuss ideas for your luxury business card then please do get in contact with us on [email protected] or give us a call on 020 7739 8696.

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