The Stationery Stock Choice

Working on projects at Downey can be a bit like piecing together a puzzle. You know what the end result needs to be because you have the design visual in front of you. However there are also the print processes that need to be considered and perhaps equally as important, the stock choice. Being a specialist printer we’ve got to know a large range of suppliers over the years, each with papers and cards with great tactile qualities that make them brilliantly suited for luxury print projects.

A great example of this is the GF Smith Colorplan range. There are a wide palette of colours available in a variety of weights, each sharing a fantastic matt feel that makes them perfectly suited for clients seeking a bit of texture with their print. In addition they also have a further twenty five embossed textures available, allowing you to be even more bespoke with your concept. We often use Colorplan for engraving, letterpress and foiling as the print sits beautifully within the matt canvas, bringing out the best qualities of the processes. On top of this they also have a great selection of smooth stocks and also more diverse, special papers which are brilliant for injecting a spark of creativity into the project.

Another supplier that pushes the medium is Fedrigoni. We recently came across their Savile Row range and were very impressed by the experimental approach they took toward texture which again works great for bold processes such as foil blocking. Fedrigoni also have a great foundation of colours available with their Sirio selection which carries an elegant, luxurious style, reflective of their rich history.

We also regularly use Fenner Paper’s 100% recycled Colorset range which has a big selection of vibrant colours. Another of Fenner’s selections is Omnia which is a brilliant stock for us to use when printing solid colours. Omnia is unlike other uncoated, textured white stocks in that it performs brilliantly under litho print. Fenner specifically designed the range for this reason which is a great tool to have at hand.

Similarly the Conqueror range is great for litho and digital work and is also a fantastic source of ‘white’ shades, with a massive selection of neutral tones available. Their latest swatch is a testament to this and also gives an interesting insight into the possibilities that are available within this classic range, especially for corporate stationery with their excellent catalogue of paper/cards and envelopes.

We have a foundation of trust in these suppliers but we also have to research and test new materials out of necessity when starting new cutting edge projects. We’ve come across ranges such as Mohawk, Plike, PhoeniXmotion, Pop’set, Cairn, Splendorgel etc, all from a need to better a project which then in turn adds to our repertoire, ready to be pulled out again for another job. Developing our knowledge of all the various ranges enables us to continue working to the high standard we seek, piecing together the puzzle of the print one bit at a time to create the successful balance between material and process.