Madame Tussaud’s Luxury Packaging Project

We were recently commissioned to create a brochure/packaging concept for Madame Tussaud’s. We worked with a design agency who came up with a fantastic vision, and it was up to us to realise this in the most luxurious, high end way.

The finished piece consisted of a multi-level foiled, lithographed and embossed Madame Tussaud’s logo plaque, mounted onto a large black, almost waxy material box with magnetic closure. The goal was to create a three-dimensional, sculpted quality to the logo, to make it as close a reflection as possible to the bronze plaque adorned on the side of the Madame Tussaud building.

Inside held the screen and a foam framework which concealed a brochure beneath, again printed with the signature logo on the face.

As finishing touches we also included a gold lift-out ribbon and wrapped the video player in the same black stock, with laser cut holes for the speakers and gold foil for the configuration buttons. The mailer was held inside a milled out foam inlay with special recesses for the headphones and a miniature wax figure.

All of this came together to create something really quite special, giving us the chance to once again showcase the level of our creative production skills. We love working on these sorts of complex projects and more and more we’re finding that there are no limits to what can be achieved within the printed medium.