Bespoke Invitation Envelopes

Surely it is what’s concealed within the envelope that is most important, the attention and in turn the budget should be left with this, the envelope is more of a subsidiary matter? It’s easy to think this; after all if you’re looking to create a special item, for example an invitation, the print inside would seem like the obvious starting point. However the impact of a well thought out envelope should never be overlooked.

The envelope is the very first thing people see and if you’re looking to create something truly effective then there’s brilliant potential here to wow the recipient with the first glance. This is after all the first representation of an event or show and quite naturally you would want to make the best introduction possible. We take this mentality toward our mailers and try with each envelope we use to develop something memorable and unique. We also use this opportunity to create a pair of items that work with each other rather than being singularly impressive.

We often advise our clients to take the same approach and over the years we’ve produced some really lovely envelopes for wedding/corporate invitations and company/personal stationery, all of which have cleverly utilized the envelopes to the absolute benefit of the print concealed inside.

Whatever the reason for the envelope, if you wish it, there is a huge range of resources available to create something luxurious and striking. You could have a specific colour or texture, an engraved logo to the flap, personalised calligraphy for the addresses on the face, a coloured tissue or metallic paper lining inside, deckle edges or even a traditional wax seal finish. There is a great deal of choice and the key is finding the right balance that works best for the project.

It’s not always necessary to have an envelope that uses these finishing touches, sometimes simplicity is the way to go. But in a lot of cases there is room to innovate and to go beyond the status quo which would go a long way in ensuring that the all important first impression is a winning one.