The Making of a Perfect Luxury Menu

Large amo menu set

There’s a lot to consider when designing or making a luxury menu; the type of event, who’ll be attending and the impression you’d like to leave imprinted on your attendees mind. All of these factors come together within the moment attendee’s glance at your menu, so the same amount of thought that goes into the invitations must also be applied to the menus themselves. Let’s take a look at the biggest factors you’ll need to consider when designing or creating your luxury menu.

The event itself of course play a huge role in how the menu will be designed, taking into account larger elements such as the shape and the colour. The menu design for corporate or more formal events is likely to be a traditional, sophisticated blanc with a classic rectangular shape. Luxury menus for events such as weddings have a greater liberty when it comes to overall design, due to the fact that the design of the menu can reflect the theme of the wedding.

Large menu 2

The above should be fairly straightforward, but the devil is in the detail. There are plenty of other, little specialist finishing touches one can incorporate into the design of a menu that makes it that little bit more memorable.


As we’ve already mentioned, the slightest hint of texture within a piece of card or envelope can make the world of difference. Subtle additions through various forms of embossing can make your event stand out from the rest. They key thing to remember with menus is that the attendees are guaranteed to have it in their hands at one point or another, so the visual design of the menu isn’t the only thing to take into consideration when designing it - it must be tactile also.

Font and Layout

The fun aspect regarding luxury menus is that you can experiment with varying designs, fonts and layouts depending on the type of menu. If it’s designed to stand on its side, emblazoned logos or embossed titles pave the way for a powerful and impactful first impression. If it’s one page lying flat on the table, elegant fonts and subtle logos ease the reader into the event.

Large nespresso bafta nominees invitation pack and menu half zoomed

Finishing Touches

To add those finer details, you have plenty of options to look at to make your menu even more bespoke and specific to your event. We can add special edging to the cards, gilt or coloured edges, bevel edges or deckle edges. You could add calligraphy to make your menus provide the place setting for your guest also. If you have a multi-page menu, you could look at how the inserts are held within the cover - looking at cotton sewing, adding a spine tassel or cord.

If you’re planning on designing or create your own luxury menu, take a look at some of our previous projects to see if there’s a style that catches your eye. Or get in touch to see if we can help you create your perfect luxury menu.