Is Print Dead? The Importance of Print

Here at Downey, we understand the importance of print, and know that despite the ever growing digital age, print will never truly die out.

In this Thought Starter’s podcast, we discuss a variety of topics ranging from digital’s interaction with physical print, and how brands come to us for authority rather than just a service.

Despite digital advancements over the years, it has actually contributed to the growing importance of print, reminding brands that nothing can beat physically holding an invitation and truly getting a feel of the texture. One eye sees and one eye feels is a phrase used in cases like these. Such emotion can’t be imitated through digital print alone.

The above can be likened to the growing popularity of vinyl records over time, nothing can really beat that physical feel.

At Downey, we see ourselves as guardians of these print processes, ensuring that print never dies, and work together with brands to help educate them on techniques and processes that breathe life into every piece of stationery created.

It’s this authority that draws luxury brands to us, alongside the passion and soul found within three generations of the family business, providing quality service and authority in the industry.