4 Great Business Envelope Designs

As we all know, first impressions mean everything, and for a business, the first thing your audience will see if you send them a letter or invitation is your business’ envelope, and the design upon it. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite business envelope designs for you to take inspiration from, and to show you the endless design possibilities available that are currently being taken advantage of.

Large business envelope paul smith

Minimalistic, subtle, yet self-assured in its own beauty, this envelope brings another-worldly feel that will both charm and strike you. The course of the stars and delicate markings surrounding them celebrate the Paul Smith brand – humble, sophisticated, and ambitious, gazing upwards to the stars.

The envelope is smooth and lightly textured, breathing simplicity and elegance that further reinforces the look and feel emanating from the designs it is displaying. Notice the logo raised and centered on the envelope, rising to catch the eye and celebrate the brand’s own high aspirations.

Large business envelope luxembourg   dayan

A flash of colour floods the eye on viewing this exquisite and simple envelope. With modesty in design, yet exuberance and energy in colouration, we are left with a finish that will attract even the busiest passer-by.

The pride of the brand’s location, number 2 Savile Row, is on show here, being almost as confidently sized as the logo of Luxembourg & Dayan itself. The change in calligraphy also represents the envelopes desires to stay true to its traditional roots, whilst also embracing modernism and the future.

Large business envelope netjets

The light on the body of the envelope illuminates its best feature: the texture. Notice how the embossed shapes deliver an almost hypnotic impression. Couple this with the subtle changes in colour that form throughout the envelope and you have an exquisite expression of sophistication and authority – qualities defining the Netjets brand.

Depending on your angle of gazing upon the envelope you’ll be treated to square or diamond-shaped symmetry of design. The shapes expand, meeting one another and embracing to deliver a gorgeous finish.

Large business envelope silver with red suede

With a gleam of silver coming from the main body of the envelope, we are treated to a sensation of modernism and elegance. The explosion of colour flowing from the inside is striking and will leave a glowing impression on the receiver.

Furthermore, the texture of the inside of the envelope delivers a welcome warmth to the metallic feel of the outside. With a suede finish, joined by the resplendent red, we are delivered a beautifully contrasting effect calculating silver and cheerful bright red.

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