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Bally Invitation

Earthy rich American walnut acts as the base for these beautiful event invitations made for the iconic fashion house Bally. Ruby red card peeks through the natural wood grain in a crosshatch pattern, replicating the window display this invitation was based on. This piece marks another example of pushing boundaries as our preliminary use of printing on wood. Read on to find out more. 

The Client

This invitation came from a commission from the esteemed Bally, the iconic luxury fashion house. They entrusted us with helping them mark a significant moment - the unveiling of their new boutique on Bond Street.

The Brief

This project required us to produce 1,000 custom invitations for Bally’s opening event. We wanted to incorporate both their own sophistication and the architectural elements of their new boutique including the rich wooden panelling. We embraced this idea fully and decided to print on a completely new medium to us - wood. 

The Process

At Downey we’re never shy of a challenge. In fact, we embrace it. Our pop up cards, imaginative creations and presentation boxes are testament to this. Our clients know they can come to us with any idea, no matter how outlandish, and we can make it a reality. For this piece we chose to use real wood as opposed to a wooden replica. Although a wood alternative would have been a much more straightforward route, we wanted to use real wood to elevate the design to the next level. Printing on wood is not an easy feat, or an ordinary choice. But we are no ordinary printers. 

Our choice of wood was  American black walnut. This rich wood is strong and durable, yet relatively lightweight. It also has a unique grain pattern which makes for a beautiful natural design and texture. It also complimented the event window and was akin to the wood in the display window. The sheets were just 0.6mm - and printing on this ultra-fine thickness was a challenge. If too much pressure is applied during the printing process the wood can fracture and break, potentially ruining the whole invitation. This was a process of trial and error. In creating new designs - being afraid of making mistakes is a mistake in itself. It's through these that you make stunning and ambitious new projects such as these luxury invitations. 

The crimson red card that peeks through the crosshatch design is a soft matte card that is inserted with a latex injection. This injection gives the card its soft touch and matte texture. Combined with the American walnut, this resulted in an invitation that was not only visually stunning but also a tactile delight, embodying the luxury and attention to detail that are hallmarks of both Bally and Downey.

The Result

In executing this commission for Bally, we pushed the boundaries -  employing innovative techniques and materials to create a piece that truly reflected the essence of their brand and their new Bond Street boutique. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and the translation of our clients' visions into reality.

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