The Bannenberg Book Launch

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A few months ago we produced some fantastic save the dates for top luxury yacht designers Bannenberg & Rowell. The save the date was for The Bannenberg Book Launch; a biography of the founder of the company and influential yacht designer, Jon Bannenberg, written by his son, Dickie. The personal nature of the book struck a chord with us, being a family business too, and we where excited to see were the project might take us.

We had a meeting with Dickie and his wife Susan and, after going through various examples of our previous work, decided upon a sleeve and insert concept.  Once we had the stock and size established, Dickie provided a signature of his father which we embossed in black foil onto the reverse of the sleeve. We then took a traditional Bannenberg stamp and made a scan of the design, filling it with Dickie’s hand written wording which we then litho printed onto the face.

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Dickie gave us a great piece of artwork of his fathers’ hands, developed by design studio Etal Design, which we used for the insert. Before we put together the sleeve we also attached a navy blue ribbon to act as a pulley lever. As a final finishing touch we also printed the signature to the flap of the envelope to give the all important first impression a touch of class.

For the invitation it was important to show something different which also maintained the quality and theme of the event. Dickie and Susan liked the idea of using a sturdy A6 card, so we ran with that and incorporated engraving and coloured edges to help take the piece to the next level. Together the design, processes and choice of stock ticked all the boxes and rounded up a really quite beautiful pair of prints.

When we finished the projects Dickie and Susan were nice enough to extend an invitation our way to The Bannenberg Book Launch, held at the Royal College of Art, Kensington. We went along and what struck us was how the design themes from save the dates and invitations had become integral features of the event itself. This attention to detail and foreword thinking helped set the tone for what was a really brilliant evening.

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The book itself is obviously stunning too and we feel very pleased that we could play our small part in its launch. We set out to provide an accurate reflection of both the book and Bannenberg & Rowell as company, whilst also showing how the more creative slant can be taken toward items such as save the dates and invitations. Dickie and Susan had the same intention and it’s been great watching theses projects develop into fruition. They’ve been a pleasure to work with too and we look forward to the prospect of working with them again.

‘Jon Bannenberg: A Life of Design’ is now available to buy via the following link: http://www.bannenbergandrowell.com/book