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Nespresso Slate Menu

Rose gold paper juxtaposes rugged dark slate in this menu design made for Nespresso. This contemporary design is both bold and simple - earthy materials combined with soft shades blend together in sophistication. This menu showcases an expert balance of different materials to create a striking final piece. Read on to see how we crafted it.

The Client

These menu designs were made for coffee connoisseurs, Nespresso. This international powerhouse are the pioneers of the coffee pod - creating a market that is now worldwide. 

The Brief

These bespoke event menus were designed for Nespresso for a lunch event they were hosting. We wanted to create something that encapsulated the Nespresso brand and style so put our thinking hats on and made our way to the drawing board. 

The Process

The beauty of this event menu design is in its simplicity. Two materials are used: slate and paper. On their own,  these materials serve completely different purposes and often exist in separate worlds. However, our designers thought to bring them together in order to create a design that is sleek, sophisticated and utterly contemporary. 

Our work at Downey can be deeply complex in its practice, but sometimes the most elaborate part is in the ideation and what comes before. This design is one such example. Our historical knowledge of materials and layering, as well as the creative prowess of our experts,  is what makes this design powerful. The actual work involved in the creation was minimal in comparison to the thought and planning behind it, and they were made in just 2 days.

The layering and balance of the materials make the design beautifully elegant. On top rests rose gold tinted translucent paper, with the brand name ‘Nespresso’  printed on top. In the middle sits white paper with the printed menu on it. Below lies a slab of dark grey slate, bringing a bold conclusion to the menu. The combination of natural elements in this design gives it a rugged and earthy feel whilst remaining sharply modern and sleek.

The Result

The finished result was a set of elegant and contemporary bespoke menus with a twist, perfect for Nespresso’s event. 

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