Bespoke Luxury Packaging for Luxury Brands

Some of the most reputed luxury brands are founded on passion, tradition, and heritage, setting the tone of the brand and creating an emotional connection with its customers. The rich history, coupled with high-quality craftsmanship, detailed design, and relevance, serves to authenticate their luxury reputations. Combined with all the above, an intrinsic level of exclusivity can further increase the desire for high-end luxury goods.


When marketing to HNW customers in today’s digital era, it is increasingly important to make a memorable impression with the physical appearance of a product and packaging plays a key role in creating desire and cohesive brand messaging.



Large graff diamonds luxury bespoke presentation box

We at Downey are not only experts in creating and printing bespoke invitations and luxury stationery, but we also apply our well-honed skills to producing luxury packaging and bespoke presentation boxes for affluent private clients and luxury brands.


Over the years we have created a variety of bespoke luxury packaging items including presentation boxes for jewellery, watches, apparel, luxury candles, VIP membership packs, high jewellery commissions, client portfolios, and bespoke event invitations. Our rich heritage, professional knowledge, unrivalled experience and capabilities to produce unique packaging projects with a creative edge make us favoured by clients in the UK and abroad. Prestigious luxury brands and organisations such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, Graff, Fernando Jorge, Browns, Dom Perignon, Sotheby’s and NetJets have entrusted Downey with their bespoke requests for many years, and we are extremely proud to have a continuously growing client portfolio.



Large netjets personalised owner pack slip cases bespoke package

When it comes to luxury packaging, there are very few suppliers in the UK who are able to provide persistently exceptional design, production and service quality, attention to detail, reasonable lead time and prompt delivery without constraints on minimum quantity. Luxury brands seek out suppliers whom they can trust and providing consistent, high standards plays a significant role in generating a positive emotional response.



Large sothebys bespoke white membership pack and presentation box

With every bespoke request Downey receives, we first explore the possibilities in design and production. We guide our clients through suitable material choices, size, shape and weight options. Depending on the extent of creative freedom we are given, we present different design concepts that are then refined according to the client’s requirements. Often a client will come to us with an existing design and we offer our expertise in the production options to create the desired result. Downey’s factory is based in Norfolk, England, thus most luxury packaging projects are completed in weeks, with no restrictions on minimum order, making us a fabulous choice for London-based luxury brands.



Large cartier gold foil personalised presentation folder collection

What makes Downey unique is the expertise we built up over a century, combined with the passion, mentality and commitment towards each project we take on. Our consultants, designers and trusted craftsmen are constantly striving to create the most exceptional and unique items of premium nature that arouses interest and elevates the emotional appeal of a brand.


Let our service, quality, and attention to detail, bring your luxury bespoke presentation packaging project to life and create a piece that is worthy of your special event on brand. Contact us now and speak to one of our consultants to see how we can help you.



by Agnes Bobvos