Custom Designed Wax Seals

Large wedding invitation wax seal zoomed

Having your own seal is a very personal thing, it raises the importance of any document it is used on. Letters, envelopes, certificates, examination awards or even your own personal stationery all benefit from having your own wax seal and gives a taste of Victorian aristocracy.

The tool used to make your wax seal can be something simple like a solid brass with a wooden handle  or an expensive signet ring on your finger, some seals can be engraved photo graphically others need to be hand engraved possibly with your beautiful family crest, coat of arms or maybe something as simple as your own monogram. Seals like hand embossing tools are handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms and keep sakes of important events.

Bank of England red wax is the most popular but there are many other colours to choose from including pearlescent and metallics. There is also a bendy wax which can be used, this has the advantage as the name suggests, to bend without breaking, it sounds a little odd but it has the advantage of being able to run the postal gauntlet intact.

Wax seals can be used in the traditional way to seal a document or pack of items, or you can trap other items beneath the wax, like using a ribbon to bind a pack or invitation closed. You can even trap cards and photographs beneath a seal giving a different way of fixing items in place.